Traditionally open to new ideas.

  • Even today our monk represents the monastic roots of Heyl zu Herrnsheim Estate, which can be traced back to the year 1561, when monks from Worms were searching for suitable locations for their vines. They found them in Nierstein, where they bought new vineyards of exceptional quality. The Estate, originally located in the Mathildenhof, was aquired by the Lauteren-family in the 18th century and eventually bought by the family Heyl zu Herrnsheim in 1909. The estate’s wines reached true excellency under Peter von Weymarn, who in the 1980 produced one of the world’s finest Rieslings on the Monopollage Brudersberg.

  • He is regarded as a pioneer of organic viticulture. Since 2006 the family Meyer continues this tradition with passion and expertise and the highest standards of quality and runs Heyl zu Herrnsheim with winemaker Felix Peters.

    The monk – one of the oldest labels in Germany – embodies our philosophy since 1890 and has individuated Heyl zu Herrnsheim for more than a hundred years.